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We’re thrilled to announce the success of The Abdominal Imaging Clinical Workshop, held on May 4-5, 2024, at Hanoi Medical University Hospital!This milestone event, a collaboration between Radiology Across Borders, the Abdominal Radiology Group of Australia and New Zealand (ARGANZ), and The University of British Columbia (UBC), marks a significant step forward for healthcare in Vietnam.
The workshop focused on the latest advancements in abdominal diagnostics imaging, showcasing cutting-edge technology and insights from esteemed experts in the field. We’re proud to have facilitated an exchange of knowledge and experiences that will undoubtedly contribute to the enhancement of healthcare solutions in Vietnam.
Credits to our incredible lecturers, Dr. Jash A., Kirsten Gormly, A/Prof’s Tom Sutherland, and William Siu, for generously dedicating their time and expertise to make our event possible. Special appreciation goes to them for also covering their own expenses to complete our fifth lecture series in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our thank you is also extended to Prof Au Hoangdinh of Hanoi Medical University Hospital for his exceptional organisation and warm hospitality . Huge shoutout to Siemens Healthineers for organising this event.
Our major partners are Siemens Healthineers, I-MED Radiology Network, Australasian Sonographers Association, Lumus Imaging, and Sonic Healthcare Foundation, whose unwavering support made this workshop a reality. Together, we’re committed to advancing healthcare in emerging nations and forging enduring relationships with clinicians worldwide. #HealthcareInnovation #GlobalHealth #RadiologyLeadership #CollaborationSuccess #healthcare #globalhealthcare
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